The Norfolk Trotter

The Norfolk Trotter, , also called the Norfolk Roadster, Yorkshire Trotter or Yorkshire Roadster is an extinct horse breed once native to East Anglia and Norfolk, England. It was said to be a large-sized trotting harness horse originating in and around Norfolk. The Norfolk Trotter »»

Warm Blood Breeding Selection and Stud Books

Most warmblood registries recognize breeding stock from any other registry that is a member of the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses, which is affiliated with the IOC-recognized International Federation for Equestrian Sports. Warm Blood Breeding Selection and Stud Books »»

List of Major Rodeos in Australia

List of major rodeos held in Australia. List of Major Rodeos in Australia »»

Major Canadian Rodeos

List of major rodeos held in Canada, organized by Province. Major Canadian Rodeos »»

Recommendations for a quality saddle

Here are our recommendations for a quality saddle. These saddle makers and merchants have been in business for years and have a reputation you can trust. Recommendations for a quality saddle »»

Barb Horse Breed

Barb stallion

The Barb Horse is a light riding horse which originated in the Maghreb region of northern Africa. There are several barb varieties including Algerian, Moroccan and Tunisian. This is the foundation breed of the West African Barb and the Spanish Barb which was developed in the United States. Barb Horse Breed »»

The Jennet

Spanish Jennet

A jennet or Spanish jennet was a small Spanish horse noted for a smooth naturally ambling gait, compact and well-muscled build, and a good disposition. The jennet was an ideal light riding horse, and provided some of the foundation bloodstock for several horse breeds in the Americas. The Jennet »»

The Ferghana horse

Gansu Flying Horse

Ferghana horses were one of China’s earliest major imports, originating in an area in Central Asia. These horses, were depicted on Tang dynasty pottery. The Han dynasty bronze statuette Gansu Flying Horse is most likely a depiction of this breed.

Dayuan, north of Bactria, was a nation centered in the Ferghana Valley of present-day Central Asia, and even as early as the Han dynasty, China projected its military power to that area. The Han imperial regime required Ferghana horses and imported such great numbers of them that the rulers of Ferghana closed their borders to such trade. The Ferghana horse »»