Danubian Horse Breed


The Danubian horse breed originated in Bulgaria.Also called the Dunav or Danube, the Danubian is a Bulgarian light draft breed that comes from crossing halfbred mares with Nonius stallions.

Danubian horse picture
Production of this breed began in 1924 near Pleven, Bulgaria at the state stud,Kabiuk. This horse was bred to have a massive & compact constitution for tough farm work and a mild temperament for easy handling. Over the years their use on farms has declined and the breed’s objective has moved towards creating a more athletic, taller animal by adding Thoroughbred blood to the mix.

This compact horse usually stands about 15.2 – 16.3 hands tall and common colors are bay, chestnut, and black.

Wild Danubian horse picture
The Danube is a light riding and draft horse that originated from a wild herd of about 1,000 horses living in and around the Forest of Letea in the Danube Delta. The Danubian breed was developed by crossing mares from this wild herd with the local Nonius and Pleven stallions, halfbred riding horses and Russian Trotters and Thoroughbreds.

The Danubian is a handsome eye catching horse with a neat well-proportioned, expressive head on a strong, strapping neck.

It has well developed, muscular shoulders and powerful hindquarters with tail set high. The legs are comparatively slender for the great size of the body.

The bones are hard, dense and the general effect is of a strong stocky horse of power and vigour.
Overall, it is one of solid confirmation, energetic with a calm temperament.

Wild Danube horses picture

The Danube horse is a hard working light draft horse, extensively used as a workhorse Wild Danube horses picturefor farm work, riding horse, and excellent jumper. This breed of horse does not ask for a highly nutritious diet, so this makes this horse a very desirable animal to raise on marginal lands.