Algeria Horse Breeds


Two horse breeds originated in Algeria. The majority of African horse breeds are derivatives of a domestication event that was centred in Asia Minor and the Mediterranean fringes. This is the region supposedly inhabited in the past by wild horses regarded by some experts as belonging to the subspecies Equus caballus pumpelli, the Afro-Turkic or Oriental horse.

Breeds that appear to be derivatives of Afro-Turkic/Oriental extraction are short- and fine-haired, thin-maned, slender-limbed horses. They have proportionally long ears and a bulging forehead region that apparently reflects the presence of large frontal sinuses (Bennett 2008). Among the forms arising from the domestication of these animals are the several forms of north Africa – of Libya, Algeria, Morocco and so on – collectively termed Barb horses.

Algeria Horse Breeds:


  • Arab Barb