Argentina Horse Breeds


In prehistoric times horses may have existed in modern Argentina, however they all died out during the last Ice Age. Today most of the breeds found in this country are the ancestors of Spanish animals brought over during the 16th century. 

Only three horse breeds originated in Argentina, however, there are also a number of sub-types. Many of them were only recently officially recognized as breeds themselves, however almost all of them share lineage to some degree. 

Argentina is home to one of the smallest breeds on the planet, the Falabella, they are a man made breed, but based on native animals. Early in the 19th century the Pampas tribes found some unusually small animals among their herd.

This attracted the attention of an Irishman who purchased the small stock and began a selective breeding program. The result was a tiny equine with perfectly proportioned horse characteristics.

Argentina Horse Breeds:

Argentine Anglo
Argentine Criollo
Argentine Polo Pony
Argentinian Ranch Horse
Beguales Horse
Bergmann Pony
Cimarron Horse
Petiso Pony