International Pattern Spot Horse Registry (The Pintaloosa)


A pintaloosa is a color breed that is the combination of Appaloosa and Pinto spotting patterns on the same horse. This combination is rare, but does occur from time to time on Mustangs, and occasionally in domestic horses. They can be registered with the International Pattern Spot Horse Registry (IPSHR) .

Pintaloosa Mustang from WyomingAccording to the IPSHR website, a Pintaloosa can be defined as any horse which is the result of breeding a Pinto or Paint horse to an Appaloosa horse. This is a color breed registry and the animal does not have to be a specific horse breed.

However, the pintaloosa horse may exhibit only pinto or appaloosa markings, both types of markings, or no markings at all. IPSHR requires proof of appaloosa lineage if appaloosa coloring (Lp or PATN) is not visible.

Pintaloosa Mustang from Wyoming
Although this filly looks like she may be a Pintaloosa, she is NOT. She was tested for the tobiano gene when born. She is from generations of appaloosa and her DNA came out only appaloosa.

The International Pattern Spot Horse Registry classifies accepted color patterns into Types A, B, C, or D and also has a Certified Parentage Identification Program (CPI).

White PintaloosaType A – Pintaloosa Horse: This horse will exhibit the color pattern of the pinto and the Lp/PATN appaloosa pattern. Proof of parentage is NOT required.

Type B- Pinto Pattern Horse: This horse will exhibit the Pinto Pattern only. This horse may have a Lp/PATN (appaloosa) parent and a pinto parent or have a Pintaloosa parent. A horse that shows no characteristics of the lp or patn (appaloosa) horse may be eligible to be registered Pinto. Proof of parentage is required for this class.

Pintaloosa ponyType C – Appaloosa Pattern Horse: This horse will exhibit the Lp and Patn pattern only. This horse must have a LP/PATN appaloosa parent or be out of a Pintaloosa.

If a horse is of only one color pattern, but it is known (but can’t be proved) that the sire and dam were Pinto and any Lp/PATN pattern or Pintaloosa then the horse will receive a Type C classification.

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Majestic Pintaloosa Horse BiHrLe Fleece BlanketPintaloosa ponyType D – Non Pattern Horse: This horse is out of two patterned parents but shows no lp patn (appaloosa) or pinto patterns. Proof of parentage is required.

Certified Parentage Identification Program: If a foal is born of a solid color, it can be put into the CPI program if one parent is registered with ISHR. This is not a registration, but rather a certification of the hereitage it possesses.

For all the above types, pictures of four views of the horse, showing every inch of his body, (including ears, tail, and feet) must accompany the registration application, or it will be rejected.

To maintain registration with IPSHR, Pintaloosa breeding horses must be bred only to any breed Appaloosa or another Pintaloosa.

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