Brazil Horse Breeds


There are sixteen horse breeds which originated in Brazil. While most horse breeds found in South America are descendants of Spanish Breeds, the Brazilian horses come from a foundation of Portuguese breeds.

Many bloodlines derive from the Lusitano and the Alter Real instead of the Andalusian. This fact alone makes these breeds slightly different from those of neighboring countries.

The Campolina is one of the larger breeds found in Brazil and they are most notable for their characteristic convex profile. This was a breed that was developed by a farmer and his black mare – her foal went on to be the flagship stud for the breed for the next 25 years.

Mangalarga Marchador stallion Imperador das Aguas JM

Mangalarga Marchador stallion Imperador das Aguas JM

In 2016, in honor of the  Olympic Games in Rio, Breyer made Imperador das Aguas JM, a six-year-old Mangalarga Marchador stallion, one of Brazil’s gaited breeds, a Breyer model horse. He was named that year’s BreyerFest Carnival Celebration Horse.

The first horses were brought to Brazil by the colonizers after 1534. Over the centuries, these animals evolved and
adapted to local environmental conditions usually unsuitable for exotic breeds, thereby originating “locally adapted” Brazilian breeds, also known as “creolles.”

The Campolina is a breed of common horses from Brazil that developed mainly for different riding purposes. Characterized by their large body and convex nose, these horses are known for their smooth, four-beat, ambling gaits, which in Brazilian is called the marcha verdadeira.

The Mangalarga Marchador originated in Brazil in the early 1740s, when the foundation stallion Sublime was crossed on Spanish Jennets, Andalusians, and Criollos. His offspring were used to work on Brazil’s vast cattle ranches and haciendas. Today, the Mangalarga Marchador is the national horse of Brazil. 

Brazilian Horse Breeds


  • Baixadeiro
  • Brazilian Andalusian
  • Brazilian Pony
  • Brazilian Sport Horse


  • Campeiro
  • Campolina
  • Crioulo


  • Lavradeiro


  • Mangalarga or Mangalarga Paulista
  • Mangalarga Marchador
  • Marajoara


  • Nordestino


  • Pampa horse
  • Pantaneiro
  • Piquira
  • Puruca