Bangladesh Horse Breeds


Bangladesh has only two horse breeds, one native horse, and one pony breed.

The Indian Army breeds some of the finest horses in the country, and the horses are much sought after and sometimes given voluntarily as a goodwill gesture or following a request from a neighbouring army.

In 2008, then army chief General Deepak Kapoor handed over two stallions and four mares to the Bangladesh army as a token of goodwill and friendship.  The animals were bred at the army’s Remount Veterinary Corps stud farms at Hisar and Babugarh.

The Rajshahi Pony is of the South-East Asia Pony type. Horse-drawn carriages are a popular means of transport in Dhaka, the Bangladeshi capital, especially in the old part of the city. Carriages are usually drawn by two similar ponies carrying passengers for up to nine hours a day. 

Bangladesh native horse
Rajshahi Pony