Australian Stock Horse


In the 1830’s, knowledgeable Australian horse breeders imported a steady stream of Thoroughbreds to improve the local horse strains. The use of Thoroughbred stallions over the condition-hardened local mares produced the beautiful strain of tough but stylish animal exemplified by today’s Australian Stock Horse.Australian Stock Horse Also known as the Waler Horse, the name Waler is derived from the term ‘New South Waler’, a horse bred in Australia’s first colony in New South Wales. The Waler was originally bred as a working horse and is extremely versatile with speed, stamina, a kind temperament and loyal nature.

Origin: New South Wales, Australia.

Colors: All colours.

Height: between 15.0 and 16hh.

Conformation: Thoroughbred-type with alert head, deep girth, strong back and hindquarters.

Character: willing, versatile, hardy. Uses: stock and harness work, endurance, competitions – from dressage to showjumping.