Abyssinian horse breed


The Abyssinian horse, also known as the Gala, is a light horse breed that originated in Ethiopia.

Despite its small size, the Abyssinian has been bred for strength and for the ability to live and work in mountainous areas.  This breed is used both as a riding horse and a pack horse.

They generally stand around 13.3 hands high and show a wide variability in coloration, size and conformation.

The Abyssinian horse

The Abyssinian horse

The bloodlines of this breed have been diluted with many other breeds, so the animals come in a variety of different shapes and colors. Although all horses require a great deal of upkeep, the Abyssinian is one of the most high maintenance as far as grooming needs.

Those who choose to keep this breed of horse might find that they have less time to spend socialising or playing online games at cheekybingo.com, as Abyssinian’s require more grooming care than some other horse breeds. This is largely due to their uncommon genetic make up, which means they have swirly hair which requires greater care in grooming.

The breed’s coat is generally short and harsh, but unique in that it displays many swirled rosettes and ridges, and also generally grows a moustache around its nose. Because the hair grows in so many directions, it can be hard to brush, and great care must be taken to keep the coat clean and free of dirt. Many breeders, especially those in England, have worked to improve this rosette pattern.

Most Abyssinians are green eyed, due to an uncommon gene not often found in horses.

The Abyssinian has spread from Ethiopia along the coastline of the Red Sea, where it is a common breed. The breed was first exported to England, where they are a popular horse breed,  in 1861.