Horse Names Starting with H


Here is a list of horse names starting with H. Click on the linked names for history and meaning of these horse names.

Haiku Hailey
Hairy Hakka Hal
Haley Haley’s Comet Half Pint
Hall Hally Hamilton
Hamlet Han Solo Handy Man
Hank Hanks Last Shot Hanna
Hannah Hannsi Hansome
Happenstance Happy Happy Appy
Happy Daze Happy-Appy Hard on the Rocks
Haribo Harley Harley Davidson
Harmony Harold Harrison
Harry Harvey Hasty
Haughty Havenly Bandit Hawk
Hawk of the Wind Hawken Hawkins
Hazel Head Over Heels Heart
Heart ‘N Soul Heart of Stone Heart Stealer
Heath Heather Heaven sent
Heavenly angel Heavenly Dream Heavenly Prize
Heavens Devil Heckle Height
Hemlock Henry Henry Hudson
Her Majesty Hera Hercules
Herman Hermionie Hero
Hershey Hershey’s Kiss Hickory Hills Panosh
Hidden Assets Hidden Dragon Hidden Treasure
High Card High Court High Flyer
High in the Sky High Plains Drifter High Sign
High Voltage Higher Level Higher State
High-Kountry Highland Glen Dougal Highlander
Highlight HighTime Little Boy Highway Express
Higness Hill Do It Hillview Irish Mist
Hillview Suprise Packet Hip Mama Hippo (Lisa & Rachel)
Hlaivana Hobby Hobo
Hocus Hocus Pocus Hogan
Hola Hold your Horses Holly
Holly Berry Holly Hill Holly Pooh
Hollywood Hollywood Getaway Hollywood Shuffle
Hollywood Star HollyWould Dunnit Homegirl
Hometown Hero Homie Honest Broker
Honey Honey Bear Honey Bee
Honey Buns Hoof Prince Hooked on Onix
Hop Skip ‘n’ a Jump Hope Hope’s Rebellion
Horse Hoshi Hoshi No Senshi (Warrior of the Stars)
Hot Chocolate Chip Hot Expectations Fiasco Hot Gossip
Hot Iron Hot Java Hot Rod
Hot shot Hot Socks Hot Spot
Hot Streak Hot Toddy HotJava
Hotshot Houdini Houdon (beautiful ears in arabic)
Houston Houston’s Landing How Do You Like Me Now
Howler Huckleberry Huey
Hug Me Henry Hugo Hum
Humble Glory Hummer Hummingbird
Humphrey Hunter Hunter’s Pride
Hurricane Bay Hussy Hustle

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