Horse names starting with I


Here is a list of horse names starting with I. Click on the linked names for history and meaning of these horse names.

I Have a Dream I Kick Ass Iben
Ibn Icabob Icarus
Ice Cream Ice Cream Mix Ice Cube
IceDrop Icefall Ichabod
If Only Ike Ilio
I’ll be yer Huckleberry Illiad Illusion
Ilona Im Cute N Cool I’m Double Secured
Ima Cowboy Yes I Am Ima Golden Champagn Ima Hustler Baby
Ima Perdy Lady Image Imagine
Imagine That Immotal Flame Imogen
Imogene Impossible Impossible Dream
Impressive Imprintible In a tizzi
In The Moonlight In The Spotlight In Your Dreams
In Your Eyes Inca Inca Gold
Indepth India Indian
Indian Paint Indian Paintbrush Indiana (Jones)
Indigo Indy Infatuation
Inferno Inka Inky
Inky Black Innocence Inspired Kiss
Integrity’s Promise Intense Suspense Intergalatitic
International Interupted Into The Wind
Intrigue Iola Iolanthe
Iris Moon Glo Irish Irish mist
Irish Song Iron Maiden Iroquois Lady
Isaac Ishan Ishara (Arabic=Omen)
Ishtar Isis Isn’t She Something
Isolde It Takes Two It’s A Long Story
Itsy Bitsy Ivan Ivory
Ivy Ivy League Izzi
Izzie Izzy Izzy Fine

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