Horse Names starting with L


Here is a list of horse names starting with L. Click on the linked names for history and meaning of these horse names.

La Primavera Lace Lacey
Lacy Lad Ladd
Laddie Lady Lady Ameera (Arabic=Lady Queen)
Lady Americo Lady Blackstar Lady Blue Eyes
Lady Boots Lady Carlotta Lady Cinnabar
Lady Estella Lady Hawk Lady Leggs
Lady Madonna Lady of Lanarkshire LadyBug
Lady’s Man Lady’s Mist Lady’s Sundancer
Lahja-Viktoria Lakota Lamal
Lana Lanai Lancelot
Landslide Langers Tequila Lantana Lady
Lardeo Lashka Lass
Last Man Standing Latara Laura Ashley
Lauralanthalasa Lava Lavender Sky
Lavigne (pronounced laveen) Layali (Arabic=night) Layla
Lazy red Lea Leap of Faith
Leather’n’Lace Leave it to me Ledger
Lee Diamond Lefroy Ailin Dwane Lefty
Legacy Legend Legend of Zelda
Legendary Warcry Legs Lena
Lenny Leo Leon
Leonardo Lesley Lestat
Let’s Ride Level Levi
Lex Lexi Lextus
Lexus Liberty Libertys Ride
Libra Lickety Split Licorice
Liferoot Light Light the Night
Light the Way Lightening Lightning
Lightning James Bond Lika Whisper Lil’ Doll
Lil Miss Mysterious Lil Sugar Lilbit
Lillie Lilly Lilly Bing
Lily Lily-of-the-Valley Limelight
Limited Edition Limitless Time Lincoln
Lincoln’s Copper Penny Linda Lindsay
Linus Lio Lippy
Lisa Little Barney Little Bay Lady
Little Bit Little bit of Spice Little Bits
Little Boy Blue Little Chief White Cloud Little Commet
Little Creamer Little Extra Credit Little Joe
Little Joe Brick Little Lady Little Love
Little Lunik Little Man Little Miss English Muffin
Little Miss Patriot Little Patric Little Rose Nakita
Lizzy Loco Locomotion
Lofty Logan Logo
Lolita Lonesome Glory Long Lost
Look At me Go Loose Change Loran
Lord Stars Lord York Lords King William
Lorenzo Lothario Lottie
Lottie Da Lotto Lotus
Louis Louis D’Aragon Lovely
Lover Boy Love’s Verse Ltiff
Lucifer Luck of the Irish Lucky
Lucky Charm Lucky Charm’z Lucky Lotto Lad
Lucky Shamrock Lucky Star Lucky’s Chance
Lucky’s Charm Lucky’s Second chance Luckystars
LĂșcra Lucy Ludwig
Lugano Lullaby Maker Luna
Lunar Eclipse Lunatic Lune de miel (French=Honeymoon)

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