Famous horse names of racehorses that have won over 10 million dollars


This list of famous horse names includes race horses who have won at least 10 million dollars.

  • Orfevre (Japan) 1,576,213,000 yen (USD $19,005,276)
  • Buena Vista (Japan) 1,478,869,700 yen (USD $17,018,548)
  • T M Opera O (Japan) 1,835,189,000 yen (USD$16,200,337)
  • Gentildonna (Japan) JPY 1,030,758,000 (USD$15,978,745)
  • Vodka 1,333,565,800 JPY (US$13,147,826)
  • Victoire Pisa (JPN) $12,891,734
  • Deep Impact (Japan) 1,454,551,000 yen (USD$12,825,285)
  • Vermilion (Japan) 1,168,607,500 yen (USD$11,139,125)
  • Makybe Diva (GB) A$14,526,685 (US$15,526,032). Raced in Australia.
  • Narita Brian (Japan) 1,026,916,000 yen ($12,026,101 USD)
  • Symboli Kris S (USA) 984,724,000 JPY ($11,531,995 USD)
  • Espoir City (JPN) $11,443,812
  • Sunline (NZ) A$11,351,607 ($11,412,905 USD)
  • Curlin (USA) USD$10,501,800[136]
  • Viva Pataca (GB) HKD$81,297,500 (US$10,438,864.83)
  • So You Think (NZ) A$10,749,800


All of the horses that have won over $10 million (and many others) belong to the Nearco sireline with the sole exception of Curlin, who is from the Native Dancer branch of the Phalaris (grandsire of the same Nearco) sireline.

In 1951 Citation became the first horse to win one million dollars.