Abaco Barb to Azteca

Abaco Barb to Azteca

Algerian Barb - See Barb Horse
American Baskir Curly Horse - See Bashkir Curlies
American Cream Draught Horse - See American Cream Draft Horse
Arab Horse - See Arabian Horse
Australian Brumby, see Brumby
Avelignese Horse Pony - See Haflinger Horse

  • Altèr Real, see Lusitano
  • American Indian Horse
  • American Paint Horse
  • American Quarter Horse
  • American Saddlebred
  • American Warmblood
  • Andalusian horse (Some bloodlines also called Pura Raza Española (PRE) or Pure Spanish-bred)
  • Andravida horse
  • Anglo-Arabian
  • Anglo-Arabo-Sardo, see Sardinian Anglo-Arab
  • Anglo-Kabarda
  • American Quarter Horse
  • AraAppaloosa, also called Ara-Appaloosa, Arappaloosa or Araloosa
  • Arenberg-Nordkirchen
  • Argentine Criollo, see Criollo horse
  • Asturcón
  • Augeron
  • Australian Draught Horse
  • Austrian Warmblood
  • Auvergne horse
  • Auxois
  • Azerbaijan horse

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Abaco Barb

For over 500 years, a mysterious herd of beautiful wild horses has roamed the pine forests and sandy beaches of Abaco in the Bahamas. Only in 2002, after a decade of research, were they finally identified and designated by the Horse of the America’s Registry as the Abaco Barb, descendents of horses brought over at the time of Columbus’s explorations – a new strain of the endangered Spanish Barb and perhaps the purest strain in existence anywhere.

Abtenauer horse breed

The Abtenauer breed of horse is small and stocky, with very powerful legs. It excels as a draft horse – as it’s small and muscular legs help the horse keep a good center of gravity, which leads to excellent balance.

Abyssinian horse breed

The Abyssinian horse, also known as the Gala, is a light horse breed that originated in Ethiopia.

Aegidienberger horse breed
Akhal-Teke Horse Breed
Albanian Horse
Altai horse breed
American Cream Draft Horse
American Miniature Horse
Appaloosa Horse
Arabian Horse Breed
Ardennes Horse Breed
Australian Stock Horse
Azteca Horse