Calabrese to Czech Warmblood

Calabrese to Czech Warmblood

Carthusian horse, see Andalusian horse
Cavallo Del Ventasso - See Ventasso horse
Colonial Spanish Horse, see Types of Horses or Wild Horses

  • Calabrese horse
  • Camargue horse
  • Camarillo White Horse
  • Campeiro
  • Campolina
  • Canadian Pacer
  • Carolina Marsh Tacky
  • Carthusian horse, see Andalusian horse
  • Caspian horse
  • Castilian horse, see Andalusian horse
  • Castillonnais
  • Catria horse
  • Cavallo Romano della Maremma Laziale
  • Chickasaw Horse, see Florida Cracker Horse
  • Chilean horse (also known as Chilean Corralero)
  • Choctaw horse
  • Clydesdale horse
  • Colonial Spanish Horse, see Types of Horse, below
  • Colorado Ranger
  • Coldblood trotter
  • Comtois horse
  • Corsican horse
  • Costa Rican Saddle Horse
  • Cretan horse, see Messara horse
  • Criollo horse, also spelled Crioulo
  • Croatian Coldblood
  • Cuban Criollo
  • Cumberland Island horse
  • Curly Horse
  • Czech warm blood

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The Canadian Horse

The Canadian Horse or Le Cheval Canadien originated from horses sent to Quebec by King Louis XIV in the late 1600’s. These horses, the best from the King’s stable, were of French Norman, Breton, Arab, Andalusian and Spanish Barb descent.

The Cleveland Bay

The Cleveland Bay is a breed of horse that originated in England during the 17th century, named after its colouring and the Cleveland district of Yorkshire. Originally developed in the Cleveland district of Yorkshire, England, the Cleveland Bay is said to be the oldest established English horse breed, and the only horse native to Britain that does not belong to the heavy horse group.