Horse Oddities

Horse Oddities

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Bad Warrior Curly horse pictures

The first recorded breeders of curly horses were the Crow Indians. In 1801 or 1803, some Lakota warriors either stole or were given some of their stock. The Eli Bad Warrior family had some of the last known Curly horses and sold them to a long time horse wrangler named Ernie Hammrich, who began breeding them for the curly hair trait. This is how they came to be known as the Bad Warrior Curly Horse line.

Chimera (when one twin absorbs the other)

This horse is a chimera, not a true brindle. The horse is Dunbar’s Gold. His pattern is caused by the fusing of twin embryos in the womb who were of two different colors. They found this out when he was bred to another brindle mare and the foals dna didn’t match either parents records. There are some true brindle producing stallions out there, but they are very rare.

Guiness World Record for Longest Horse Tail

Summer, an 11-year-old horse, as seen during the 11th annual EquiFest of Kansas on Feb 29 (2008), holds the Guinness World Record for the longest tail on a horse at 12.4968 feet (3.81 metres)

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