Brazil Horse Breeds

There are sixteen horse breeds which originated in Brazil. While most horse breeds found in South America are descendants of Spanish Breeds, the Brazilian horses come from a foundation of Portuguese breeds.

Many bloodlines derive from the Lusitano and the Alter Real instead of the Andalusian. This fact alone makes these breeds slightly different from those of neighboring countries.

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Belgium Horse Breeds

Belgium Draft Horse picture

Some of the Belgium horse breeds are believed to be direct descendants of the ancient horses, bringing height and strength into the equine world. Others have been bred to be racing horses, while there is a distinct emphasis on agricultural and farm work as well.

The forefather of all draft horses was first bred in Belgium—a heavy black horse used as knights’ mounts called the Flemish.The world record holder for tallest and largest horse is a Belgian Draft. Most modern draft breeds carry Belgian lineage in their bloodlines. Belgium Horse Breeds »»

Abaco Barbary Horse Project

Dubhe, Abaco Barb

Abaco Barbary Horse Project is the conservancy organization for the endangered Abaco Barb wild horse herd in the Bahamas.

Mimi Rehor stumbled across an island band of wild horses, the Wild Horses of Abaco,
and they have been a major part of her life ever since. 

She is the primary and largely self-appointed protector of this band of stocky, skittish wild horses in the Bahamas. Abaco Barbary Horse Project »»

Altai horse breed

The Altai horse is one of the most ancient breeds of horses found in the world. This horse breed was developed in the Altai Mountains of Central Asia. The Alta’s Kaya, commonly known as the Altai, is named after its place of origin, the Altai Mountains.

They are extremely sure-footed over steep mountain trails. Altai horse breed »»

Medieval horse armor

Tooled leather horse armor

Horse armor was harder to make for horses than it was for humans. Armor for horses was necessary because enemies attacked horses as a way to slow their riders down.

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Thoroughbred Horse

Thoroughbred horses stand 14.2 to 17.2 hands high and have a solid color. This breed of horses was originally made by mating an Arab stallion and an English mare. Thoroughbred Horse »»