Brumby Horse


The Brumby Horse is a breed of wild horses in Australia. They originate from once domestic horses that either escaped or were abandoned around 1851.

Brumby horse

Origin: Australia. Though they can be found in any part of Australia, they are concentrated in large numbers in the region of the Australian Alps and in the Northern Territory. The second largest population of these horses can be found in the Queensland. Australia is home to the largest number of feral horses as compared to any other country.

These horses are a topic of controversy in Australia. While a certain section of people believe that these horses imbalance the eco system in Australia, there are other who feel that these horses are a part of their heritage and culture and hence should be protected and safe guarded.

Colors: All colors.

Brumby horse

Height: The Brumbies are relatively short animals. The height of the horse from this breed ranges between 12-16.2 hands, although they average between 14 and 15hh.

Conformation: The head of the Brumby horse is well balanced and big. They have a short but strong back. The feet are sound and strong.

Character: Since the Brumbies are feral horses, it is not possible to predict their temperament, but many tend to be temperamental.

Uses: The Brumby horses are generally feral horses. However, some people domesticate these horses and use them as stock horses on their farms. These horses are also used as show horses and for trails

Brumby stallion

History: When European settlers arrived on the Australian continent, they brought horses with them. Some of these horses either escaped or got lost on the Australian soil. The Brumbies in Australia are considered to have descended from these horses.

They can be the result of cross breeding between Thoroughbreds, Arabian horses, Timor Ponies, Capers and various other breeds of British ponies.

Today Australia has more than 400,000 feral horses, which is by far the largest feral horse population  in any country. This population is growing at the rate of 20% each year.