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Saban, a Mongolian horse festivalThe ancestors of Ewenke people originally lived in the forests northeast of Lake Baikal and along the Shileke River. They mainly engaged in fishing, hunting and breeding reindeer. Throughout history Mongols have lived as nomads and horse-riding has been an essential part of their lives.
Sargent Reckless, a Marine Corps hero

One of the most beloved members of the Marine Corps went into battle on four feet.  A mare of Mongolian mixed breed, the horse who would become Sergeant Reckless was foaled in 1948 in South Korea. 

Originally named Ah Chim Hai, Morning Flame, she was sold to Lieutenant Eric Pederson, USMC,  for $250.00 in October of 1952.  The owner was a stable boy who needed the money to buy an artificial leg for his sister who had stepped on a land mine.