Horse Names Starting with C


Here is a list of horse names starting with C. Click on the linked names for history and meaning of these horse names.

C.B. C.C. Cable
Cactus Cadalac Cade
Cadence Cadillac Jack Cadre Noir
Caeser Cafe Latte Caine
Cajun Calamity Jane Calico
Caliméro Call Me Cally
Calua Calvin Camanchi
Cambridge Cameo Cammander
Camoren Campari Campino
Canada Canadian Winner Canal King
Cancer Candlelight Candy
Candy Apple Candy Kisses Candyman
Cant Deny It Cant Get Enough Capella
Caper Capitaine Cappicino
Cappie Cappo Cappocina
Cappuiccino Cappy Capriccio
Capricorn Captain Captain Canada
Caramel Caramel Sensation Caraway
Carcajou Careless Carmel
Carmella Carmen Carnation
Carosel Carribou Carrie
Carrots Cartier Cartoon
Carumba Carver Casanova
Cascade Casey Cash
Cash the Check Casper Caspian
Casse Noisette Cassidy Cassie
Cast No Shadow Castaway Castle Rock
Catamaran Catch The Wind Caution
Cava Cavier Caz
Ceasar Cedar Ceffyl
Celandine Celebrity Celeste
Cellini Celtic Charm Celtic Jewel
Celtic Rose Celtic Shot Celtic Sun
Century Century’s Odyssey Céphée
Cera Ceres Cha-Cha
Chad Chakote Chalk
Challie Cham Chamber
Chamlan Champagne Champagne on Deck
Champane Champion Champion Heartache
Chance Chance gets Lucky Chancer
Chances Dream Chance’s Wish Chancey
Channel Channel Three Chaos
Char Do Neigh Charger Chargey
Charished Hope Charisma Charity
Charlene Charles Charlie
Charlie Bean Charlie Brown Charlies Angel
Charlies Next Charm Charmed
Charmer Charrished Secret Chase
Chattanooga Choo Choo Chatterbox Chebe
Checkers Cheeky Cheerioes
Cheetah Chelsea Cher
Cherab Cherish Cherish the Moment
Cherokee Cherokee Chief Cherokee Promise
Cherokee Rose Cheska Chess
Chess Player Chester Chesterfield
Chevy Chewbacca Chewy
Chex Cheyanne Cheyenne
Chianti Chic in Time Chicagos Lady
Chick Chickaboo Chicken
Chicky Chico Chief
Chiko Chilla Chilli
Chimera China’s Gold Chino
Chinook Chip Chippy
Chips Chipwich Chiquita
Chiquito Chloe Chocolate
Chocolate Chocolate Brownie Chocolate Chip
Chocolate Chip Surprise Chocolate Covered Marshmallows Chocolate Mocha
Chocolate Sundae Choctaw Choice
Christmas in July Christopher Robin Chrome
Chrystal and Roses Chuck Chuckles
Chunky Chynas Silk Cider
Cimarron Cimeron Cinamon
Cincinatti Cincinnati’s Treasure Cinderella
Cinders Cindy Cinnamon
Cinnamon Toast Cippy Cirrus
Cisco Cisco Kid Citation
City City Girl CJ
Clancy Classic Classic Touch
Classical Dancer Classy Classy Dancer
Clear Clear Red Clemantine
Cleo Clever Trick Clifford
Cloe Clone Lass Cloud
Cloud 9 Cloud Dancer Cloud Dancing
Cloud Nine Cloven Clover
Clueless Cluster Clyde
Coal Cobalt Cobweb
Coby Coca-Cola Coccinelle
Cochise Cochise Warfeather Cocklebur
Coco Co-Co Coco
Coco Lady Coco Puffs Cocoamo
Coconut Coco-Rose Code Blue
Cody Colby Cole
Colin Color Field Color Me Bad
Color Me Crazy Color Me Pretty Color Me Red
Colorado Coloring Book Colors Of The Wind
Coltyn Columbo Comanche
Comet Command Performance Condor
Confetti Confetti’s Cowboy Confidental
Congarie Conker Conquest
Conrad Contiki Conztanza
Coocoo For Coconuts Cookie Cookie Dough
Cookies ‘n’ Cream Cool Dawn Cool Mount
Coosa Cooter CoPilot
Copper Copper Glow Copper Penny
Copperhead Copy Cat Corey
Cork Corn Cornol
Coshy Cosmic Flower Cosmo
Costal Sunset Cotton Cougar
Count Courageous Coureur des Bois
Court Jester Courvosier Cover Girl
Cover Story Cowboy Cowboy Joe
Cowboys Delight Cowboy’s Dream Cowboy’s First Choice
Cowboys Golden Blizzard Cowboy’s Revege Cowgirl
Coyote Cracker Barrel Cracker Jack
Crackerjack Crazy Crazy Dream
Crazy Paint Cream Creme Soda
Cremmdalla Crem Creola Rosette Creole
Cricket Crimson Crisp
Crispy Crissy Cristabell
Crocuzula Cross Roads Crouching Tiger
Crown Royal Cruise Cruser
Crystal Cuddles Cuervo
Culver Cupid Cupids Cowboy
Curiosity Curious Curiso
Curley Curly Curly-q
Curtain Call Custer Cut The Cuteness
Cute As A Button Cute Tee Cute Wedding
Cutest lil’ babyface Cutter Cyclone
Cymba Cymbal Cyndara
Cypress Way Cyrus Czar

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