Horse names starting with F


Here is a list of horse names starting with F. Click on the linked names for history and meaning of these horse names.

Fabio Fabiola Fair Maiden
Fairy Glamor Faith Faithful
Falcon Falcor Falla
Fallacy Falling Leaves Fame & Fortune
Fancy Fancy Mover Fancy Pants
Fancy Widow Maker Fancyface Fandango
Fantasia Fantasy Fantsi
Fanul Fara Faraway Kingdom
Farnley Faruq Faster than Light
Fasterthanu Fat Boy Slim Fat Chance Cinnamon
Fawny Fay Fearghus
Fearless Flames Feather Feather Canyon
Feather Trader Feature Presentation Fedora
Feels like gold Felena Felicity
Feline Felix Felta
Fencer Fergie Fergus
Fern Ferngully Ferris
Festive Festus Feuer Engel
Fiddle Dee-Dee Fidget Fidler
Fiesta Fight For Flash Figure Eight
Filly Final Destination Final Episode
Final Fantasy Finders Keepers Fine Design
Fine ‘n’ Dandy Fine Tune Finnigan
Fiona Fire Fire Ball
Fire Balls Fire Foot Firebolt
Firecracker Firefly Firenze
Firey Devil First Class First Night
First Rose First-Rate Fitz
Five-Star Five-to-get-ready Fixious
Fizz Flag Flagrant Delit
Flamboyant Mistress Flame Flames
Flaming Ace Flaming Glory Flaming Heart
Flare Flare Extraordinaire Flash
Flash By Flash in the Sky Flash of Light
Flashdance Fleck of gold Fleet
Fleet Goddess Fleet Street Flicka
Flicker Flight Leader Flint
Flipper Fliss Flopsy
Florence Flower Floyd
Flurry Fly Away Fly Me To The Moon
Fly o Free Fly-By-Me Flyer
Flyers Wing Flying Beauty Flying Colours
Flying Expectations Flying Sparkels Flying Trapeze
Flyte Folly Fonzie
Footloose Footsie Foreign Affair
Forest Forest Gump Forest Runner
Forever (fill in blank) Forever Bliss Forte
Fortunate Fortune Cookie Forty-four
Foudre Rouge Four Leaf Clover Fox
Fox Fire Fox Trot Foxtail
Foxtrot Foxy Foxy Lady
Frankie Franklin Freak
Freaker Freckled Warrior Freckles
Fred Freddie Freddy
Free Verse Freedom Freedom’s Call
Freedoms Fire Freedoms Flame Freesia
FreeZee Fresco Fressa
Frezette Friday Frilly
Frima Frimousse Frisco
Frisky Whiskey Frith Frizzy-Liz
Frodo Frolic Frosted
Frosty FrostyJumper FrostyKing
Frozen Motion Fudge Fuerte
Furiette Fury Fuzzy

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