Aegidienberger horse breed


The Aegidienberger horse breed is a cross between the Peruvian Paso and the Icelandic horse, created to produce a horse that was larger than the Icelandic, but still small and hardy enough to navigate difficult terrain. It has been a recognized breed on it’s own since 1994.



Priore, a famous Aegidienberger stallion Priore, a famous Aegidienberger stallion

The Aegidienberger is a small gaited riding horse originally from Germany. This cross was originally bred by a man named Walter Feldmann.

Like the Icelandic horse, the aegidienberger can naturally perform a gait known as the tölt.

The goal of the breed is: “A natural tölting horse who is elegant and easy to ride with a flawless character, energy and nerve. The horses should tölt naturally at the hand in every intersection step – if not, they are excluded from the breeding.” Tact postponements, for example, such as the Sobreandando are not accepted.

Aegidienberger foal with natural Tolt gait
Aegidienberger foal exhibiting natural tölt gait

The Aegidienberger horse must also have a good temperament and be horses with “…a beautiful mane, good presentation, proud and noble appearance, and be pleasing to the eye” in order to be eligible for enrollment in the breed.

Aegidienberger horses can be any color, but are most often bays and chestnuts.

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I love my Aegidienberger Horse TshirtsThis is considred a light breed horse by some, a large pony by others. The Aegidenberger is on average about 13 to 14 hands. The breed guidelines require them to be over 13 hands.

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Aegidienberger stallion Rappscheck
Rappscheck, an aegidienberger stallion