Ventasso to Zweibrücker

Ventasso to Zweibrücker

Australian Waler - See Australian Stock Horse
Warmblood - See Types of horse
Whaler Horse - See Australian Stock Horse
Žemaitukas, Zemaituka, Zhumd, Zhemaichu, or Zhmudk - See Pony Breeds.

  • Ventasso horse (Cavallo Del Ventasso)
  • Virginia highlander
  • Vlaamperd
  • Vladimir Heavy Draft
  • Vyatka, see pony section
  • Walkaloosa
  • Warlander
  • Westphalian horse
  • Wielkopolski
  • Württemberger or Württemberg
  • Xilingol horse
  • Yakutian horse
  • Yili horse
  • Yonaguni horse
  • Zweibrücker

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The Wielkopolski horse

The Wielkopolski horse is a breed of horse that was originated in Central and Western Poland in 1964, and is occasionally known as Mazursko-Poznanski. Its name derives from Wielkopolska (“Great Poland”), a region in west central Poland centred on Poznań.

Welsh Pony and Welsh Cob Horse Breed

The Welsh Pony and Cob are closely related horse breeds including both pony and cob types, which originated in Wales in the United Kingdom. The breed society for the Welsh breeds has four sections, primarily distinguished by height, but also by variations in type.