American Shetland to Exmoor

American Shetland to Exmoor Pony

Assateague Pony - See Chincoteague Pony
  • American Shetland, see Shetland pony
  • American Walking Pony
  • Anadolu pony also called Anadolu Ati
  • Ariegeois Pony see Mérens horse in horse section
  • Asturian pony, see Asturcon in horse section
  • Australian Pony
  • Australian Riding Pony
  • Bali Pony
  • Bashkir Pony
  • Basque Pony, see Pottok
  • Basuto pony, also spelled Basotho pony
  • Batak Pony
  • Bhutia Pony, also Bhotia, Bhote ghoda, Bhutan, Bhutani, Bhutua see Indian Country Bred
  • Boer Pony
  • Bosnian Pony
  • British Riding Pony, see Riding Pony in "types of horse" section
  • British Spotted Pony
  • Burmese Pony
  • Carpathian Pony, see Hucul Pony
  • Canadian rustic pony
  • Caspian pony, see Caspian horse
  • Chinese Guoxia
  • Coffin Bay Pony
  • Connemara pony
  • Czechoslovakian Small Riding Pony
  • Dales Pony
  • Danish Sport Pony
  • Dartmoor pony
  • Deli pony
  • Deutsches Reitpony see German Riding Pony
  • Dülmen Pony
  • Eriskay pony
  • Esperia Pony
  • Exmoor pony

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Basuto Pony

The Basuto Pony is found in Lesotho, which is an enclave of South Africa. It is used exclusively for riding.

Camargue Pony

The Camargue Pony lives in a harsh climate in the Rhone delta of southern France. They are able to survive on salty reeds and rough grass.

Chincoteague Pony

The Chincoteague Pony originated from feral stock on Assateague Island, which is half in Maryland, USA and half in Virginia, USA, separated by a fence at the border of the two states. The Chincoteague Pony became an official breed of its own in 1994.